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The truth about smart

UK Agency Republic brings the car make smart with a promotional website online. It seems that smart got a handful of insights of non-smart-drivers about the misconceptions and customer prejudices of the small city runabout. So the user passes a journey through themes like comfort, safety, space and fuel consumption and smart’s features in a british humorous way.


The site demands interaction and decisions, shows other users’ behaviour and presents the answers of the putted questions in amusing experiments. Excellent implemented: sales support, possibility of direct contact and lead generation at the end of the experiment process – well done!

So, who would you call if your smart has a meeting with a wrecking ball? The ambulance or a mechanics? Decide by yourself!


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Subaru Forester Site: Make your own photoshoot

Pretty funny site for the new Subaru Forester: You can play director of the subaru photo shoot, turn angles and submit your shoots. It’s pretty fun, makes you wanna stay, and isn’t even that elaborate.

The best thing are the stereotypical comments of the irate Director (you), such as “Get me a slim latte, it’s not that hard, is it?”, etc..

Check it out…

(Thanks Philipp)

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