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Product Site Worst Practice: Geberit

Someone just asked me: “Hey, you wanna blog about a really bad user experience?” and I said: “Not really.” But after I saw this, I couldn’t help it, because missed brand engagement opportunities make me mad.

This is a Microsite for Geberit, makers of Bathroom applicances. They are trying to introduce the Japanese way of, you know, cleaning up after you are done with your business. Any creative would have had a field day with this briefing. Instead, what this brand ended up with is a stale, boring, marketing-speechy, product website that is neither engaging nor credible. No pun intended, but this looks too watered down to make this something people would want to send on to others.

Compare this to the Philips Shave Everywhere campaign. Personal grooming for men: also not an easy topic for brands to dare make engaging. Brand managers at Philips could have argued that the concept for the site was way too racy or impromper. They didn’t, and they won lots of awards, and more importantly: the site became viral. Geberit missed the chance to make this a fun, engaging experience. And don’t come to me with: oh yeah, but the target audience is older and more conservative. Conservative people are folders or crumplers, too. That’s an insight for you, right there. What a shame.


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Augmented Reality that makes sense

Augmented Reality has been discussed for a while, but it not until now that practical application are slowly hitting the mainstream of brand communications. Costs have sunk, processor speed has gone up and applications have been written that makes it a possibility for everyone to try out.

However, application of AR are often for the sake of using the technology and not so much driven by real utility that improves or literally augments people’s experiences. Here is a good case from Lego that actually makes a lot of sense: you can see the assembled toy truck by holding only its packaging up against the camera.

Via Notcot

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For the Love of Beer: Donating Carbs to Americans

Just found this website from Australia for Toohey’s Beer.

The idea is quite funny: Since Toohey’s only has 1/3 of the carbs, why not donate the other 2/3 to the people who love them the most: Americans. The website looks like a relief effort where you can pitch in and deliver carbs to a bunch of different US cities by flying a plane over google maps satellite photos and dropping the carbohydrate cargo.

I like this idea, because it is fun to make fun of Americans, but I wish the game was more fun and a bit more engaging. Also, I think a highscore ranking would do well in getting people to sign-up.


December 3, 2008 at 5:36 pm 3 comments

Uniqlo meets Cirque du Soleil

Pretty Cool Idea: Have the Cirque’s artists wear your sweaters while they do their acts, make a rich video flash website and sell it.


Check it out.

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Redbull’s use of Flash

Check out this highly interactive site by Redbull.

You can easily build your own plane design in this fun application and take it to the sky, to see how well it flies. A great inspiration for all those who program flash. Also, what I found really well done was the level of detail as far as making even forms and buttons usable.

Also VERY surprising for this brand: MOZART. Can only be explained by the fact the Red Bull’s CEO is Austrian, and Austrians think Mozart was Austrian.


November 27, 2008 at 7:44 pm 1 comment

Talking about a Change of Perspective, literally

This invention, questionable in its utility, nonetheless seemed interesting enough to share with you.

It stems from one of the projects of Julius von Bismarck, and it is a contraption where its user sees himself only from above. I guess it’s a new category: not augmented reality, but rather altered perspective reality which allows you to experience things in a totally different way.

Thanks, Sabine for the link.

November 21, 2008 at 3:55 pm 1 comment

The Starbucks Shopper Experience

I was so psyched when I saw this post on Swissmiss. Finally somebody took the time to point out the obvious obfuscation and mind-bogglingly inane product naming convention at Starbuck. I am sure people who ever ordered at Starbucks have found it to be a suboptimal transaction experience, too.

November 19, 2008 at 4:46 pm 5 comments

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