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Planners who twitter

Looking to connect to planners on twitter?

Misentropy put together a list.

Also I really enjoy his series “1o Things I didn’t know until last week”. What a great idea.


December 10, 2008 at 2:33 pm 1 comment

Comedians are HumanKind Planners

One of the core differences of Leo Burnett’s HumanKind approach is that we should observe human behavior rather than just inferring knowledge by asking people things. This way, a brand can create acts that play into and enable people better than pure ads that bombard them with irrelavtn messages.

Experience Planning has used this type of insight generation for a long time, but now that we’ve mixed methodologies with traditional methods, I asked myself, who outside of advertising or marketing or academia already observes human behavior in their daily line of work?

It’s pretty obvious: it’s comedians. Like no other group do they make their living of being able to spot trends, behavior, knacks, idiosyncrasies people or groups and serve them up as “funny insights.”

In a way, the better and uncommon the insight, the louder the audience’s applause. It is a very human thing to be able laugh at some fundamental truths being unearthed in front of you. You see youself, and groups around mirrored before you, which can be an inspiring act. As planners, this is what we should aim for. We shouldn’t necessarily make creatives laugh (they are used to making the jokes themselves), but whether we are planners or creatives, we should aim to inspire others in that way.

Here is one of my favorite comedian insights, in this case about men and women fighting (warning: liberal use of expletives!)

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