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Stractics moved to

Hi everyone,

I started a new blog with the planners and other contributors at Leo Burnett. I will be posting there for the time being.

Please check it out at


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million $ idea

37 signals blogs this quote:

An entrepreneur getting started doesn’t need a $100 million idea,” says Gianforte. “A $1 million idea is enough. The beauty of a $1 million idea is that big companies don’t care about it. Find a niche within a niche.

I think this is true, not even just for business idea start-ups. It is true for the creative advertising and design set too. Don’t we wait around for too much before we do anything innovative sometimes?

July 20, 2008 at 10:54 pm Leave a comment helping enterpreneurs is a site that allows you to support entrepreneurs and their causes all around the world try to make their world a better place. Using individuals to create loans for other individuals is a neat idea, especially in a climate of institutional subprime disasters. Just last week 1,500 entrepreuneurs were funded. Oh, and, yeah, they pay you back. What a great idea!!

Seen on swissmiss

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Subprime Primer

I have been wondering about the Subprime Crisis in the states, and since I am no finance guy, I had been wondering about the machinations behind the credit crunch that has started affecting the whole world. Thanks to a buddy of mine, I now have been illuminated. The following presentation elucidates the issue in no uncertain terms, step by step, and utilizes expletives to make the point.

View on Slideshare and then go in full mode.

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Experience the Dresden Bombing through your bones

I just found this awesome public installation case study on Core77. By means of conducting the sounds of the Dresden allied bombing raid on 13th of February, 1945 through a railing, people can literally hear the sounds through their bones. Not only is this highly symbolic because hearing such noises while viewing the City of Dresden chills you to the bones, but it is also a very simple and unobtrusive city installation.

July 14, 2008 at 4:33 pm 1 comment

When the target audience is the creatives themselves

I guess it’s viral movie day today (yeah I got work to do, so don’t ask!)

This is a pretty cool idea I thought on how to recruit creatives for charities. It’s a bit expected if you know it’s for charities, but still, what I a great idea to resurrect Bob, the painter for this. I always wondered if I could use him for a campaign one day. Well, someone else did.

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The long tail: digital myth or not?

The “long tail” has been a theory accepted as fact in the digital community. It described and explained what we believed in so well, and it all makes sense. In fact, to some of us it was a source of credibility for whatever it was we’re doing, selling, or referring to: the power of the individual, individual experiences, tailored and customized offerings in a distributed and digital world that makes all of that possible.

Now, some people are rocking the boat and saying that it was all a hoax. Not a surprise, really. Every theory has a counter-theory. Surprising is that it took this long.

Found on Alan’s friendfeed

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