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Breaking up Web2.0-style

It’s time for web oddities: Ever have pesky relationship issues, such as a cheating wife? Just sell her on Ebay. Oh, if you’re interested, she’s is pick-up only. I think she got the point. Click image to enlarge.

thanks Sabine


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The (secret) history of hacking

Found this ripped video recently on the history of hacking with interviews with Captn Crunch, Woz, and Mitnick. The docu goes into how Hacking started as a benign and creative act and then was vilified by corporations in the time of Mitnick.

Ahh… the old days…

March 11, 2008 at 10:14 am 1 comment

Rory Sutherland on “stripping out agency overhead”

Looks like Rory had some of that cidre himself. 😉

Thanks, Maurice!

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360 degree camera clips

Dirk sent me this example of moving 360 degree camera footage. While the camera is rolling it allows you to look around in 360 degrees, very much done the same way “StreetView” is done on google maps, I presume, except it is moving footage.

Check it out

Thanks Dirk

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A statistic I have been waiting for a long time for

Thanks, Gerald.

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T-Mobile Incompetence on iPhone Firmware 1.1.3

So, this might be a bit off-topic, except for the fact that it speaks bundles about how brands should not operate. Last night, I plug in my iPhone (yes I have one, I’m officially a sucker too now) and iTunes tells me the long awaited updated Firmware 1.1.3 is ready to be installed. I go to the site for more information, all in German, so me thinks, “Wow this is legit, finally some new features!”, so I install the thing. Result: my phone has updated software, but no service. Zip. Nada. Can’t make calls. Awesome. So I call the HelpLine at T-Mobile at the answer: yeah, err…. no you have to downgrade your phone again. Apparently, Apple released the update, made some nice German Landing pages for German T-Mobile customers, but T-mobile made my phone into a brick. Well, thanks very much!!

Of course I didn’t believe that one bit. So I went back and downloaded the new iTunes version 7.6, restarted my machine. And alas, my does worketh. And you know what, I did a bit of social network teaching. I called back the service hotline and told them how to fix it.

Friggin’ T-Mobile Shnooks!

January 21, 2008 at 10:51 pm 2 comments

Haa-haa, your medium is dying

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