Tobaccowala on the evolving role of marketing

October 30, 2008 at 3:34 pm Leave a comment

Sometimes, you get good articles from all these newsletters you subscribe to. In this case an article by Lori Luechtefeld from iMedia Connection.

She interviewed Denuo’s CEO Tobaccowala. I like some of the things he says, such that business models have to change the way software does. You can’t keep flailing a dead horse, such called advertising agency business model, or even traditional marketing business model, you have to move on. Also he says that, much more than marketing officers, you need facilitators:

The rest, he says, is all about facilitation. “We need to basically organize the facilitation,” Tobaccowala says. “We need to have chief facilitation officers.” Rather than spending their time crafting messages, marketers should be spending their time helping consumers gain access to companies and their resources — thereby making it easy for consumers to market to themselves.

This totally reflects our own agency philosophy which we call HumanKind: go from milieus and demograhics to actual human behavior, from messaging to experiences, from campaigns to sustained value exchange, and from rigid posititioning and idle brand promise to a human brand purpose. Essentially what he talks about is how marketing organizations and their agencies have to change in order to actually deliver product innovation which can be translated into marketing innovations as well.

To me, the idea of faciliation, seen from the agency side is an important one. If you actually retool your agency structure and process that allows you to deal with creating experiences leading to value exchange that gives people access to companies, you immediatly realize how much more involved your stategic and creative delivery gets. Planning and designing experiences is just much more complex than a catchy claim and a key visual.

But there is more in the article which actually is more specific that lofty philosophies. Check it out.


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